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testimonial-joe-parish-natasha-hyam-creative“Over the past few months Tasha has been working with me closely to develop our new video scripts, blueprints and website content…

She’s saved me hours of stress and time spent starting at a blank computer screen and has allowed me to develop new projects and programs way quicker than I could have ever imagined.”

Joe Parish, Online Body Composition Consultant @Team JPhysique

testmonial-leane-conroy-natasha-hyam-creative“I’m dyslexic so know I can make a lot of mistakes and often what I want to say, doesn’t come out the way I want it to. It’s always been a struggle and takes up a lot of my time having to reword my posts until I get it right. My time is really valuable and I want/need to spend it on my clients and other projects. That’s when I started working with Natasha.

I have worked with others who can write but don’t quite get the industry and the content didn’t have as much impact. Natasha showed a real passion and knowledge of the fitness and that is so important. She also understands coaches are busy as hell so creates realistic targets and deadlines for us both to work to.

As coaches, we all know how important it is to put ourselves out there to attract clients.  We can have all the ideas to allow us to do that but sometimes we need a helping hand to clear away the fog,  get straight to the point and create strong content that has an impact.

Thank you Natasha for all your help,  I  will definitely be needing your help again soon!”

-Leanne Conroy, Female Fitness Coach